The Art Elevator Episode #33: Managing Artist's Estates Part 2

podcast Jun 05, 2023

We hear over and over in the news about issues surrounding the estates of artists and how family members or caretakers are having control over the artwork and sales. There are lawsuits, family discord, issues with heirs mismanaging the remaining collection of artworks and stories of others involved in the artist’s careers or at the end of their lives taking advantage of the artist’s success.

Joining me today is Kelly Juhasz, principal of Fine Art Appraisal and Services, to talk about how artists can better plan for their own legacy to ensure that their reputations and remaining artworks are handled properly and reduce the opportunity for mismanagement.

In this episode Kelly will answer questions such as:

  • What is artist legacy planning?
  • Why should artist’s care about what happens to their work after they pass?
  • What are some of the biggest issues that Kelly has seen in working with artist’s estates
  • What can living artists do to start to prepare for their own legacy?

Learn more about Kelly Juhasz and her services here: 

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