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Transform Your Vision into An Art Collection that Reflects Who You Are


Your home is a blank slate waiting to become a masterpiece

You've built a home with beautiful architecture, design, and furniture, but it's still missing a part of you. You're missing an art collection to express who you really are.

As an art scholar and business owner, I've spent years understanding the importance of building a valued and cherished art collection.

I can work with you to identify and translate your taste, so the art in your home becomes a reflection of you. I'll listen to your wants, needs, and expectations to give you an experience that is reflective of who you are and the art you acquire.


With a smooth, informative process you'll learn about the meaning, history, and value of your chosen art. Your home will feel like a true image of you, while your art will create an inspiring experience to share.


Whether you are looking to experience a fine art consultation or need to have your art appraised, begin by completing a simple intake form and scheduling a consultation.

In-Depth Consultation

We'll explore your space to refine and identify where you need art. Then we'll craft the story that you want your art collection to tell.

Visual Conversation

We'll create a visual conversation of what might work in your space - this will include a photoshop rendering of what the final product might be. You'll be given different options, so we can determine what pieces you like and best represent you as a person.

Your Collection

We'll implement your vision in your space - and you'll have an art collection that inspires and reflects the quality of who you are as a person.

"Larissa's ability to connect and communicate with my clients seems to be instinctual and natural.  Her incredible knowledge of the artists, their backgrounds as well as the artistic motivations/intentions of each artist was a breath of fresh air in the sometimes "stuffy" art world."

Tom Cole - Principal Designer


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