Transforming Your Vision into an Art Collection that Reflects Who You Are

I am passionate about art and being able to translate what you like into tangible pieces to fill your home or space.

Through consultation, research, and listening to your likes and desires, I'll identify what you're looking for and the elements you like - so the art collection you buy best reflects who you are. By looking at all the aspects of your lifestyle, wants, needs, and priorities, I'm able to lead you to an incredible art collection that you will love.

You want help navigating the overwhelming process and turning it into an enjoyable experience. 

I'll do the research to provide you with information about the artist's background, history, and value, for you to make informed decisions on acquisitions. I ensure you that the price you pay for each piece accurately reflects its market value.

Art is more than simply matching pieces to your home. It is about creating an experience and a collection that you'll cherish now and into the future.

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For Me, Art is a Way to Help You Understand the World


With over 20 year's experience as an art connoisseur, businesswoman, and art dealer, my passion for art began early in life. Art school provided me with a unique connection to the world; the creative process of taking a belief, an idea or a vision and turning it into something physical was magical. I received my degree in Fine Art at the National Art School, Sydney Australia in 2000. I worked at the Australian Center for Contemporary Photography Museum rehanging exhibitions and displaying my knowledge and expertise of each collection while guiding people through the exhibitions. 

I moved to the Vail Valley and became a Gallery Director for six years. I used my position as Gallery Director to connect to art and people. It was here that I was able to develop an understanding of the process of acquiring an art collection, and why people buy the art they do. In many ways, I see my role as a translator - creating a bridge for people to help them to get what they want by transforming their likes into tangible art. 

I'm also a certified member of the International Society of Appraisers (ISA) and work with individuals and businesses to understand the true value of their art. I use my extensive knowledge to make the appraisal process clear and informative.