The Art Elevator Episode #31: Stolen Art & Restitution

podcast Apr 06, 2023


In this episode of the Art Elevator Podcast, Larissa interviews Doug Bort on Art and Money Laundering. In this first episode of a three part series on art crime, they discuss:

- What is restitution?

- What are some scenarios and how does the process work for restitution?

- What is it like to go undercover, posing as a middleman?

Founder and Managing Partner of Odyssey Global Consulting, LLC, Doug Bort spent twenty-one years as a Special Agent with the United States Customs Service and Homeland Security Investigations. Doug is a Subject Matter Expert in the investigation of art and cultural property crimes.

During his tenure with Homeland Security Investigations, Doug represented the United States in international investigations around the world and was heavily involved in United States national policy decisions and international diplomacy. With a proven record of successfully leading complex international investigations, his work has resulted in the recovery and return of over $3 million worth of cultural property to its rightful owners.

Notably, Doug developed and operated an extremely effective undercover platform which targeted the illegal sales of cultural property, art and antiquities, including sales that funded international terrorist organizations. He was also instrumental in cultivating, developing, and conducting training for other Special Agents and law enforcement agencies, both in the United States and abroad, pertaining to the investigation of art and cultural property crimes.

Now in the private sector, Doug uses his vast knowledge and extensive experience to provide expert services to museums, private collectors, insurance companies and other individual clients.

Learn more about Doug Bort:

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