The Art Elevator Episode #15 - Marilyn Borglum on “A Painter’s Perspective on Monet”

podcast Jan 10, 2022


Marilyn Borglum has been a professional artist for over twenty-nine years.

She is Co-Founder of Borglum Art Education and Move America.

She is currently doing narrative works inspired by challenges Americans face in our environment, national politics, and includes a series of works from a perspective unique to women. Her own personal experience is the inspiration for many of her narrative paintings. Her new works are structured around figurative elements, demonstrating her natural sensitivity to expression, and gesture. They benefit from the decades of exploration she has done while working with equine subjects, as her earlier work explored the gesture and mass of the horse.  Many of her equine works are included in the collections of prominent American Families. Marilyn comes from a family of celebrated artists, she is the great-great niece of Gutzon and Solon Borglum, Gutzon, who is best known for his monumental work, Mount Rushmore.

Marilyn received her Master of Fine Arts in painting from Colorado State University in Fort Collins, Colorado, in 1993.  While she was a student there, she was awarded the graduate teaching position for printmaking. While she had been drawing and painting horses since she was a young girl, she began her in-depth study of the horse, as an art student as both a printmaker and painter. Her exploration of the horse’s form has expanded for over two decades, often working on very large-scale life-sized equine portraits. Her equine paintings have been featured in Dressage Today, Hanover Lifestyle Magazine, Inside Hanover, The Laurel Magazine, and many online periodicals.

Her new large-scale narrative portraiture series demonstrates her mastery of the acrylic medium, her attention to detail, and her love for the intellectual challenge in creating narrative work. 

She has been influenced by the expressionist works of William de Kooning, and Ben Shahn, and the equine work of Deborah Butterfield and others.

I’m so excited to bring my interview with artist Marilyn Borglum with you today. In our conversation, you will learn:

  • How the best of us struggle, and how this can bring new ways of seeing
  • The importance of understanding color as an artist, and as a viewer
  • The journey of Monet as an artist, from the perspective of an artist
  • How to see what artists have created more clearly

And much more!


Resources Mentioned:

Marilyn's Lecture on Monet


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