The Art Elevator Episode #12 - Nikki Todd on “The Role of Contemporary Naturalism”

podcast Jan 10, 2022


Nikki Todd is the founder of Visions West Gallery located in Denver Colorado and Bozeman and Livingston in Montana. 

In this episode, we discuss:

  • What is contemporary naturalism?
  • Why animal and nature themes have been used throughout art
  • How artists are able to bring attention to social and environmental issues
  • The influence of art of the american west

And much more.

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Learn More About Nikki and Visions West:

Visions West Contemporary is a dynamic art gallery, striving to push the boundaries of Art in the western region. Since our inception, the gallery has been motivated by a passion for nature, animals, environmental issues, and the West. The gallery’s program has evolved to include a heavy focus on art which references nature’s influence and the importance that its presence plays on the individual and society as a whole.  We have built a unique international roster of artists who have authentic voices and whose work demonstrates technical diversity, independence of thought, courage, and passion. The gallery provides an interesting and fresh platform for art in the Rocky Mountain region. We have searched the world to bring you art that surprises, delights, and provokes further discourse and thought. Not what you’d expect.



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MTN Luxury Group with LIV Sotheby’s International Realty in the Vail Valley of Colorado. 

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Shameka Jones, media producer, and art professional
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