The Art Elevator Episode #8 - Tanzy Ward on "African Presence in European Art"

podcast Jan 10, 2022


Tanzy Ward is the author of Hidden Legacies: African Presence in European Antiques, an antique dealer, and an appraiser. She is also the founder of Zanathia Jewelry, which specializes in preserving rare antique and vintage accessories from eras gone by. 

Tanzy is a PACC certified appraiser and graduate of the Asheford Institute of Antiques. In addition, she is a proud member of the Asheford Associate Membership Program & The American Society of Jewelry Historians. 

Zanathia Jewelry emphasizes preserving pieces of history and the cherished memories that are connected with it. Tanzy’s way of preserving history includes hand sourcing, researching, and providing unique jewelry that past generations wore with gentle love.

Tanzy is a contributing writer to Worthwhile Magazine™ and has appeared as a guest expert on many shows including Behind the Gavel with Jason Roske, Trash or Treasure with Monika Schiavo, and the Perpetual Blackness podcast.

The book Hidden Legacies: African Presence in European Antiques can be purchased in paperback or ebook online on Amazon or through the Zanathia Jewelry website.

In today’s episode, you’ll learn about:

  • The “hidden legacy” of the abundant yet not widely known presence of Africans and individuals of African descent in European art
  • How the absence of these depictions of individuals of African descent in traditional education has damaged our collective understanding of our shared heritage
  • Recommendations for how listeners can continue to expand their knowledge about African presence in European art

And much more!

Actionable Checklist coming soon!


Resources Mentioned:

Hidden Legacies: African Presence in European Antiques

Charles Cordier

Alessandro de’Medici


Learn More About Tanzy:

Hidden Legacies: African Presence in European Antiques

Zanathia Jewelry

Connect with Tanzy on Instagram



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Shameka Jones, media producer, and art professional
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