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The 2017 Deloitte Art and Finance report has some compelling survey findings that indicate 71% of passion assets are not included in wealth management. Art is a large field within these passion assets. Issues surrounding this finding from a wealth management perspective include:

 - Value lost when the collection goes to market.

- Legitimate tax mitigation strategies are not employed.

- The collections are not monetized for wealth building.

- May not be protected by insurance.

- Key financial decisions are based on unqualified or non-objective valuations.

- Family feud.

Fine art collections may represent a significant portion of your clients’ assets. This is a potential opportunity for you to bring those assets into the picture and assist them in managing potential wealth that may have been overlooked.

As a member of the International Society of Appraisers our appraisals are in compliance with current USPAP standards, and comply with IRS requirements.

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