There is nothing more disappointing than seeing the ultimate vision of a project fall short – for both you and your client. You spend months (even years) executing every aspect and detail – only to see the vision fall short because they couldn’t figure out how to complete the story with art.


It can be frustrating – even though clients might see the value of having a beautiful finished product, they get lost in the overwhelm of tying these critical last pieces together. Or worse yet, they rely on someone who isn’t an art specialist and the art becomes an afterthought. And because it’s so prominent, it distracts from the integrity of the project. 

It doesn’t have to be this way.

Your clients deserve to have a home or commercial space that is a true reflection of who they are – which is why they came to you in the first place. 

As a high end interior designer, you recognize the importance of being able to provide best-in-class service to your clients. In fact, it’s one of the reasons they come to you and the way you distinguish yourself from the competition. 

 Sometimes the decision to hire your business versus another one can come down to the smallest detail. Something you take for granted such as responding to customer emails within minutes can make a big difference. So can your ability to offer your clients the promise to carry out every last detail of their vision for their home or even commercial space. It can give you an edge that the competition might not offer.

As an expert in residential and commercial art consultation, I help you deliver to your clients a service that elevates their vision into a masterpiece. By helping tie together the art to the overall theme, architectural and interior design, I can help complete the story your clients seek to tell. 

 When all of the pieces of the project maintain the same level of integrity and quality, everyone wins. By creating better service and building an outstanding portfolio you’re able to distinguish your business from the rest.

I like to think that the service I provide leaves clients with a lasting reminder of the positive experience they’ve had with your business – reinforcing their choice with friends and future projects. 

Having me as your art consultant can be an incredibly powerful customer satisfaction and marketing tool. With over 20 years-experience as an art connoisseur, business owner, gallery director and art dealer and appraiser, I would love the opportunity to share my expertise with you.  



Differentiate yourself from the crowd by offering art curation for your clients homes.    

Rather than relying on the same old resources that everyone else has access to, break the mold and elevate your design offerings with inspired art collections.


The art world is notoriously opaque, we make it easy to navigate so your clients can collect with passion and confidence.


Here are three options to work with us:



Sometimes when you are wearing all the hats in the design process, you want to pass the art selection and placement to a trusted advisor. If that's the case - we've got you covered!

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Your client books a 50 minute or 75 minute session to advise on art selection. Acquire the artwork yourself from our suggestions, or use our complimentary procurement service.

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Select from our services and build your own way of adding art consulting to your project. You can book as many or as few sessions as you need to reach your clients' goals.

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Reserve a time in our calendar for a discovery call
to find out which offering best suits your needs

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Want To Learn More About What An Art Consultant Does?  

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