Want to Know the Real Ray Eames?

blog mid century modern ray eames sarah reader women in design Jan 12, 2022

It is my great pleasure to announce the publication of Sarah Reeder's new book Ray Eames in 1930s New York. This book is based on her own original research of Ray's manuscript collection that she donated to the Library of Congress and the culmination of many years of Sarah's study and scholarship exploring Ray's life and inspirations.

In this book Sarah intentionally focused on Ray's decade of sophisticated artistic training and immersion in the avant-garde culture of New York in the 1930s, prior to meeting Charles Eames and co-founding the Eames Office to highlight her own individual foundational experiences.

During this decade Ray studied painting with Hans Hofmann, attended a huge range of cultural events including Martha Graham ballets and Alexander Calder shows, and exhibited as a Founding Member of the American Abstract Artists. Ray's years in New York influenced and deepened her lifelong creative approach.

Sarah's book is now released and available to order here!

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