The Art Elevator Episode #25 - What an Art Consultant Does with Larissa Wild

podcast Apr 19, 2022



Ever wondered what it is exactly that an art consultant does? I know I get the question all the time. In this episode, the one and only Sarah Reeder of Artifactual History Appraisals and Worthwhile Magazine interviews me to pick my brain on what it is that I do. Here are some of the key points:


  • Guide you to develop your interests, style, taste and awareness of what artwork is out there
  • Help you understand the larger art world and how the pieces you are interested in fit into that picture
  • Guide you on how to understand price and value, and then balance your collection to embrace both passion and your financial interest.
  • Understand that the most important things when selecting an art consultant are: finding a good personality fit, as well as identifying one that has the education and background to help you navigate the art world intelligently and with meaning.


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