The Art Elevator Episode #21 - The Connection of the Brain and Beauty with Anjan Chatterjee

podcast Feb 01, 2022



Anjan Chatterjee is a Professor of Neurology, Psychology, and Architecture and the founding Director of the Penn Center for Neuroaesthetics. 

He has won awards for his work in the fields of cognitive neurology as well as psychology and art and has written some fascinating books on these topics. 

In this episode you will learn about:


  • How our brains respond to beauty.
  • How the human experience of beauty is malleable and why this matters.
  • What the evaluation of art looks like in the brain.
  • The potential for misuse of neuroaesthetics in the art industry.


Resources Mentioned:

The Aesthetic Brain by Anjan Chatterjee

Brain Beauty and Art by Anjan Chatterjee and Eileen R. Cardillo


Podcast Editing: 

Shameka Jones, media producer, and art professional
You can tag her on: 
Instagram: @__Moca__

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