A Fast-Class on How to Use

Interior Design Mood Boards

To Sell More Art

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In this Fast-Class, you will learn:


How to talk intelligently about art & analyze the inspiration piece.

Learn how to quickly discover exactly what it is that your clients like about a piece of art, help them to articulate why they like a particular piece, and then use those key words to refine your search method.


What goes into the selection of like works on a mood board.

Learn the unique digital research method and the websites I use to discover similar pieces and check for budget/pricing prior to presentation.


Why creating a mood board is an effective way to tell a client's story.

Learn why presenting a visual story can inspire and educate your client and even turn them into a passionate art collector.

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A mood board provides a roadmap that clearly presents the steps that go into selecting the right art.

In just 30 minutes learn why having this deliverable as one of your presentation tools is a complete game-changer.

This fast-class is for you if:

  • You ever had trouble identifying or understanding what it is your clients are looking for in art.  
  • You think it's easy enough to say you "love" or "hate" a painting, but you don't know how to explain exactly why.
  • You sometimes feel lost for words when trying to describe art and want to become more articulate when speaking with your clients about their projects.
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A Note From Your Instructor...

For Me, Art is a Way to Help You Understand the World

Art school provided me with a unique connection to the world; the creative process of taking a belief, an idea or a vision and turning it into something physical was magical. I received my degree in Fine Art at the National Art School, Sydney Australia in 2000. I worked at the Australian Center for Contemporary Photography Museum rehanging exhibitions and displaying my knowledge and expertise of each collection while guiding people through the exhibitions.

​I moved to the Vail Valley and became a Gallery Director for six years. I used my position as Gallery Director to connect to art and people. It was here that I was able to develop an understanding of the process of acquiring an art collection, and why people buy the art they do. ​In many ways, I see my role as a translator - creating a bridge for people to help them to get what they want by transforming their likes into tangible art.

I'm also a certified member of the International Society of Appraisers (ISA) and work with individuals and businesses to understand the true value of their art. I use my extensive knowledge to make the appraisal process clear and informative.

Fast-forward to now and what I do is leverage my wide and varied experience to work with clients to build their collections and find the perfect pieces that reflect who they truly are.

I'm now coming to share this expertise with you so that you can achieve this same success. I've condensed everything I've learned in two decades into a succinct and carefully curated masterclass training on how you can use mood boards as a tool you can use to communicate with your client more intelligently & sell more art.


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