The Art Elevator Episode #19 - The Value of NFTs With Angel Investor Greg Dalli

podcast Jan 17, 2022


I’m joined in this episode by Greg Dalli from Centauri Capital, which is a company that invests in NFTs, Crypto and Startups. He describes himself as an Angel Investor, NFT Nerd and love of psychedelic art.

In this episode you will learn:

  • Why NFTs have value, and what does value mean?
  • What genres exist within this NFT landscape Trends in NFTs for the future?
  • Why NFTs are able to democratize access to the art world And a whole lot more!


Learn More About Greg:

Centauri Capital 


Podcast Editing: 

Shameka Jones, media producer, and art professional  

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Instagram: @__Moca__


Email: [email protected]

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