The Art Elevator Episode #32: Managing Artist's Estates Part 1

podcast May 22, 2023

Many family members of artists find themselves with a new full-time job if not a full second career when the artist in the family passes away and no concrete plans were made to deal with not only the artwork left behind but also the artist’s reputation and market.

Joining me today is Kelly Juhasz, principal of Fine Art Appraisal and Services, who will talk to us about dealing with the estates of artists and the services her company provides around legacy planning for artists.

In this episode Kelly will answer questions such as:

  • What do family members need to know about working with the legacy of a family member
  • What are these specific tasks that need to be done in order to build and protect the legacy and artwork of an artist?
  • What practical tasks can the families of artists do to get ready or start building the artist’s

Learn more about Kelly Juhasz and her services here: 

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